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Name:Mr. Benny Afrian [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: benfara Y!: benfara
Skype: benfara
WhatsApp: +62811956849 +62811956849
LINE: +6285285686455 +6285285686455
Mobile Number:62-811-956849 +622142870938 - 0928
Phone Number:62-21-42870928 or 42888171
Fax Number:62-21-42870922
Address:Perkantoran Cempaka Mas Blok B.29, Cempaka Putih
Jakarta Pusat 10640, Jakarta
If you need more info dont hesiitate to send your sms or email message to + 62811852578 / setyodjoko508@ gmail.com, + 62811972433 / kamil@ consult.co.id or + 6285285686455 / prabowo040967@ yahoo.com
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Registration Date:Aug. 15, 2005
Last Updated:Jun. 17, 2015
Business Nature:Service of Energy category

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Company Brief

PT. CONSULT INTERNATIONAL INDONESIA is an Independent Surveyor Company established in 2002 and a member of Association Independent Surveyor of Indonesia ( A.I.S.I) .
Bureau Veritas - UKAS - Cert. 233 843

Our Capabilities in the Field of Inspection n Survey Presently :
Ø Weightment, Sample & Tally
Ø Inspection of Holds / Tanks for Cleanliness / Fitness
Ø Loading and Discharging Supervision
Ø Hatch / Draft / Damage Survey
Ø Container Inspection including Stuffing / Un-stuffing
Ø Out Turn Surveys
Ø Pre Shipment Inspection of Export Commodities
Ø Inspection of Refrigerated Cargoes and Compartments
Ø Inspection of Fertilizer / Minerals
Ø On / Off Hire Surveys
Ø P & I Club Surveys
Ø Condition Surveys of Ships
Ø Marine Bulk Oil Surveys
Ø Bulk Liquid Chemical Surveys
Ø Quality and Quantity Certification
Ø Investigating into Cargo Contamination
Ø R.O.B / Bunker Supply Surveys
Ø Tanker Loading and Discharging
Ø Underwater Inspection
Ø Crane Inspection ( Migas n DepNaker License)
Ø Handling Equipment Inspection
Ø Pressure Vessel Inspection
Ø Lifting Equipments
Ø Boiler & Pressure Vessel
Ø Storage Tank
Ø Electrical Installation
Ø Lightning Arrester
Ø Non Destructive Test ( NDT )
Ø Main Power Engine & Production
Ø Plumbing Inspection
Ø Miscellaneous Oil & Gas Services
Ø Miscellaneous Agriculture certification services

Major Products / Services
  • Technical Inspection and NDT services
    We can inspect your heavy equipments such as cranes, lifting gears, forklifts, crane on barge, etc (lifting equipment) for Migas Certification (SKPP). NDT sevices and We also rent Forklift, Cranes, sell HSD/ solar to end user ; Mining Company, Vessel Owner, etc
    Inquiry : technical@consult.co.id
  • Marine n Cargo Inspection/ Supervision
    We can perform Marine n Cargo Inspection jobs for your vessels especially in Indonesian water (port areas) for
    Vessel Inspection
    On/ Off Hire Survey
    Cargo Inspection
    Bunker Survey
    Container Inspection
    Agriculture Export
    Inquiry : setyodjoko508@gmail.com
  • Petroleum n Chemical Survey/ Supervision
    We can survey your vessel for import to or export from Indonesia for Pertamina or Private companies in several jobs as follows :
    Petroleum products Survey
    Chemical products Survey
    Loading n Discharging Supervision
    Quantity n Quality Survey
    STS (Ship to Ship) Monitoring
    Loss Control
    CPO loading supervision
    Inquiry : kamil@consult.co.id
  • LED - Lampu Hemat Energi
    PJU = Penerangan Jalan Umum
    Lampu sorot hemat energi
    Menggunakan LED dan Solar Panel

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